Missing Liam

Monthly Archives: October, 2012

A Woman on a Mission….with Anger

I am going to preface this post by saying that anger is a horrible emotion, it eats away at you and consumes your life, for the next 12 weeks I became a very angry person, not to Alethea or Ryan, I just had anger in me as to what had happened with Liam, and I …

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Our First Holiday…and Realisation

I’m going to start this post by saying it is a bit of a filler, I tell it because I need to show where I was at both emotionally and in my thinking to get to the next stage of our journey.

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Tattoos to remember a much Loved Baby Boy

Walking back to the car after the funeral was again a very surreal experience. Family were catching up and chatting together and I was in my own little bubble. The girls were running around chasing each other giggling, sounds of life filled the air. I couldn’t look back, I couldn’t bear to see the hole …

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A Dad’s Journey (Part 2 of 2), when the unthinkable happens and your baby dies

I have often heard the phrase “a parent should never outlive their child” and like most things in life it takes experiencing something before you understand the true meaning. No parent should ever outlive their child, it is not how the world should work, a parent should be able to live a long and happy …

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