Missing Liam

Monthly Archives: November, 2012

A Cake, A Wish, but No Liam

I’m pretty sure it was around the second week in August that I met Deb De Wilde. We had decided to meet at the Mater Hospital where Deb works, she was so kind on the phone to me when we were planning our meeting saying that if I thought that meeting in a hospital was …

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A Theatre not Staffed to attend 24hr a day Emergencies

About 5 weeks after Liam died my obstetrician obtained a copy of my notes and rang me to ask me to come in and discuss them with him, I told him that I knew exactly what was in my notes and that I didn’t need to come in, so unless he was going to tell …

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The First Month Anniversary

The next day was Thursday 26th July, it was exactly 1 month since Liam had been born and had died and I needed to be busy. My friend Gina had the week before found a new dance school to put her daughter Chiara in. Alethea and Chiara had previously dabbled in some dance lessons, but …

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