Missing Liam

Happy Birthday Liam xx

Sometimes there is not very much to say, and today is one of those days, but I couldn’t let it go by without letting everyone know that today is Liam’s 1st Birthday, today we should be celebrating with a bouncing baby boy, but he’s not here.

To my beautiful boy,

Words cannot adequately express what I feel, all I really want you to know is that I love you with everything that I am, I miss you each and every minute of the day and think of you always. You alone have taught me how to live a life of fun, how to be a better mum, a better wife and a better friend, you alone have taught me compassion, I have been on a journey from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows and then back to the highs again.

I wish you were here, if only for a fleeting minute to give you one more kiss, one more cuddle and to feel the softness of your skin against my lips, I wish more than anything for you to know how much I love you

Happy Birthday baby boy, I hope you are jumping on clouds and sliding down rainbows, I hope you are eating cake and chocolate crackles

One day I will see you again Liam

When our time is over you will play with us happily

Someday soon we will be with you again

Sliding down rainbows and jumping on clouds

We will be proud to tell you with a smile,

that we are stronger, more compassionate, more loving

because you were with us for just awhile

All my love Mummy xxoo

I would do anything for one more kiss, one more cuddle, one more smell

Happy Birthday Baby boy, sending you lots of kisses and cuddles xxoo


  1. Nicole Dunn

    Happy birthday Liam. Thoughts are with you and your family Amanda

  2. Chantelle

    Happy Birthday little Liam.

    I found this poem here: http://www.oocities.org/trevorsmemory/1stbday.html


    The infant days are past, and baby boys must grow. They learn to sit, and then to stand, too soon they all let go.

    But do they grow in Heaven Lord? If only I could see past the sun… For if they do my little boy today is turning one.

    In my heart I see him there, playing on a cloud. With his little angel friends, together they are proud!

    Angel cake & white ice-cream is served for all around… As he sits upon Jesus’ lap, with all his love abound.

    They laugh and run, dance and play amongst a billowy field. Together there they hurt no more…their little hearts are healed.

    The tubes and wires, tapes & blisters, they’re no longer there. No more poking, no more prodding, winds of love blow through his hair.

    From infant to this little boy, how fast the time went by. Some days it seemed the world stood still, at times it seemed to fly.

    Today as one year has passed, alone we’ll spend in thought. We’ll celebrate a life that was, and share what all he’s taught.

    The bond that links us with this child, too strong to ever sway. In our hearts & in our dreams, he’s never far

  3. Kate

    Happy Birthday Liam. Xx

  4. Helen

    Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Liam xxxxxx ((((hugs))))

  5. Lisa

    Happy heavenly birthday Liam.
    “Wherever a beautiful soul has been a trail of memories are left behind”
    Thinking of you. Xxx

  6. Megan

    Happy birthday Liam. Your parents have done an amazing thing in sharing your story and allowing others a greater understanding of what a grieving parent goes through.

  7. Debbie

    Happy Birthday baby boy Liam xxxx

  8. Nat n

    Beautiful message for a beautiful boy. And a beautiful mumma. Nat x

  9. Ellen

    Happy Birthday beautiful Liam, remember to send your mumma the strength she needs today. Love to you all xx

  10. Emma

    Happy birthday Liam. Thinking of you all xxxx

  11. Mornè Chapman

    Happy Birthday Liam, today one year ago you touched the lives of your parents as you earned your Angel Wings and through them you have touched the lives of many others, may your star shine brightly in heaven today and always, God Bless.

  12. Kellie

    Happy Birthday sweet boy 👼

  13. Kellie

    I’m dying for baby news!! Been thinking of you everyday!!! Praying for good news XX

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